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My mission as a wedding photographer is to help happy couples celebrate life's biggest joys with high quality photos and a dang good time. I believe the experience is just as important as the photos and that you deserve beautiful, lasting memories.

Hey!! I'm Gabriella.

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Let’s talk about rest …

… and how much I suck at it.

headshot of gabriella marie photography, a pennsylvania wedding photographer

A few weeks ago, I worked a 15 hour day on Saturday (including commute). That’s a long freaking day, and weddings require lots of time on your feet while carrying around heavy camera gear (& I almost always come away with bruises on my knees somehow lol). Wedding photography is very physically and mentally demanding. After a day like that, you’d probably want to take a rest day, right?

Right. So I planned to … and found myself filling my “rest day” with chores and errands and — yup, you guessed it — WORK.

I’m not sure why I have so much trouble resting. I can rest when I’m with family, friends, my boyfriend … but I can’t seem to let myself rest when I’m by myself. Why watch a movie for two hours when I can probably bang out 100 edits in that time?

But rest is vital. And I’m learning that. Excruciatingly slowly, but I’m still learning. Repeat after me: IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE PRODUCTIVE. In fact, I would argue that rest itself is productive because it allows you to be refreshed for when you do need to focus. (I’m preaching to myself here, y’all.)

I’ve found that I need to be proactive with rest — I need to rest before I collapse. Just like how you should fill your car with gas before it dips below the E. Or how you should keep up with oil changes before the oil change light comes on. Yes, you can do these things for a while without any noticeable effects … but it’s detrimental to the lifespan of your car. Being proactive with taking care of your car prolongs how long it runs well. Likewise, being proactive with taking care of yourself prolongs how long your business runs well.

I’m trying to be better. It takes a long time to break habits, so I need to have grace with myself. And I also recognize that I’m in the beginnings stages of running a business which naturally requires more time working to make sure it gets off the ground running. So there’s a give and take for sure. But from here on out, I want to air on the side of rest.


- Melissa d.

“Gabriella was absolutely amazing!!! Words cannot even describe how perfect she was, but I’ll try my best. Right from the beginning, I knew she was the one. She was so caring, calming, organized, and just a genuinely happy person. She made me feel even more excited for my wedding. She was so helpful throughout the entire process right down to the big day. AND THE PICTURES - OH MY GOD. They are absolutely breathtaking and she definitely tells the story of your day in the most perfect way. She captures every precious moment while having a smile on her face the whole time she’s with you. I can’t say enough amazing things about her. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to have the BEST photographer for any occasion. We had such an amazing experience with Gabriella and we can’t thank her enough!”

"Captures every moment"

- Dawn g.

“Gabriella is a very great planner, very organized and an absolute delight to work with. Her planning and organization helped me prepare for the big day without any fear that I left any important photo out. Her planning skills ensured I didn't miss any details. She is such a delight to work with she was even happy to help me with my little surprise I had for my husband, it went off without a hitch. She captured all the photos we could imagine....all the fun, sweet, sincere moments throughout the day. She even provided the photos to us in a timely manner. I HIGHLY recommend her; she's highly energetic, personable, easy to work with, a planner, organized, and she captured lots of beautiful pictures. She exceeded all of my expectations. She was such a great photographer.”

"Exceeded all my expectations"

- Melissa N.

Making my dream wedding come true!
Gabriella was hired by my (now) husband, as a surprise photographer for our proposal. She was phenomenal and we hired her for our wedding as well! Her energy and vision for our wedding photos captured every moment and emotion. She was amazing in every way. Her attention to detail and knowing what was important to me on my big day was awesome - she went the extra mile. I would 10/10 recommend her to any one wanting to capture beautiful moments in life - for their engagement, wedding, and more.

"She went the extra mile."

- Megan W.

Hiring Gabriella was one of the best decisions that we made during our wedding planning. From our very first conversation, Gabriella was warm & bubbly. She radiates positive energy that I knew that we needed for our big day. Gabriella has a vigorous work ethic and eye for detail. Her ability to transform any setting is pure magic. We enjoyed working with her throughout the planning process and are absolutely thrilled with our engagement and wedding photos (which she had edited and back to us in less than one month!).

"One of the best decisions"

- Lisette & Tyrus b.

What can we say about Gabriella Marie Photography. There are so many words to describe the amazing job Gabriella did on our special wedding day. Gabriella will not only shoot your wedding, she can help you design what your wedding will be. She is there every step of the way. She has amazing attention to detail. Before the big day, Gabriella has a plan that will ensure that your day will be spectacular. She is always available via text, call, direct message, FaceTime or Zoom. Gabriella is the absolute best photographer ever. The best quality that she has is that she is more than a photographer, she is a true friend. She cares about her clients and makes us feel like a trust-worthy friend is there to help. For example, she sent my wife and I a pre-wedding care package. This gift proved to be so valuable for us while dealing with wedding stress. This gift was the most thoughtful thing my wife and I ever received. A simple thank you is just only the tip of the iceberg with regarding Gabriella Marie Photography. Everyone please check out our new friend Gabriella. Trust us, she is worth every penny and more.

"Worth every penny and more"